Under the Influence

Posted on July 31, 2010


While I do enjoy being busy, I feel I should mention that I don’t like being busy for the sake of being busy.  I believe in minimum effort for maximum impact.  What some would call laziness, I call effectiveness.  (And what some call stalking, I call “fan club of one”… it’s all semantics at the end of the day).

One of my influences is the book and the blog of Tim Ferriss – you know, the four hour work week guy.  I know he’s gotten some heat, and online folks with nothing better to do like to bag him, but I’ve found his stories and his way of thinking, while perhaps not earth-shattering, inspirational.  I’m eccentric to say the least, and the book and blog have given me ideas for how to live a more “me” life.  If you’re trying to follow the book like a bible, though, then you have bigger issues.

I also LOVE Sir Richard Branson.  Not love in a creepy, “fan-club-of-one” way, but in a healthy, “he-inspires-me” kind of way.  In books and in interviews, he advocates taking risks in life and business while protecting against the downside.  He is his brand.  Perhaps I will take after him and create a brand around “Busy Bitch” just like Virgin?  I can see it now…  “Busy Bitch Hotels”, “Busy Bitch Makeup”, “Busy Bitch Broadcasting”… oooh, I like the sound of the last one.  But maybe I’ll just stick with the blog for now.

In any case, it’s now the weekend.  Some of my weekends are indeed spent under the influence in the traditional sense of that expression…  don’t get too excited – I’m more into wine than any other substance.  But for tonight I’ll be focusing on the biz and the book.  Especially now that I’ve posted my photo on this blog (goodbye, anonymity), which was one of the things I wanted to knock off.  I figure I’ll write a few pages tonight, and I really need to order some product for Ohhh Canada.

Until next time.