Men That Rock

Posted on August 5, 2010


Men get a bad wrap these days.  Is it hard being a man, guys?  I’m lucky to have some great men in my life.  Here’s the lowdown on just three of them.  Consider this my “tip of the hat”, if you will.  Or something like that.  And why blog about them?  Because to me my network is everything, and I appreciate the people who are helping me to be a success.  No one is an island.  Not even me.

Craig Lund – @craiglund

If Craig was a woman, he would be the rightful possessor of my “busy bitch crown” – I think he may actually be busier than I am, if you can believe it.  He is also a great lover of life, of creativity and of people.  He writes for The Metro (check out some of his work here), is a very busy business man,  is President Elect of the Toronto Chapter of the AMA, and regularly volunteers for charity.  Uh, he is also a very stylish creature, and has even re-upholstered his own chairs (cue YouTube video note – I am also in this video, I say, “they’re beautiful” – I’m a one-line wonder).  He also has some film and tv credits, too.  And he’s athletic and does yoga.  If I didn’t love him, I might hate him.  Just kidding.

Darryl Flowers @darrylflowers

This man is seriously funny, charming and an impressive businessman in his own right.  He’s a realtor, but not just any realtor, he’s a broker with a big heart and a quick mind.  He is also athletic and runs a baseball team…and scuba dives.  If you ever ever need real estate advice, whether or not you live in the GTA or Toronto, you should get in touch with him.  He found me my GORGEOUS condo before it was even publicly listed.  He’s the real deal, people.  And he’s a swell guy.

Andrew Lauzon

Andrew is my producer and co-writer extraordinnaire on my up and coming recording project.  He is super talented, and a serious joy to work with.  I’m so glad that I’m friends with him, otherwise I might not get the opportunity to work with him – he’s another really busy guy.  His focus these days is on soundtracks and music for films, but he also has a pretty wicked portfolio otherwise.  He can do anything from kids shows to horror movies to… well, to my project!  His company is called Audiogeek, and that’s just what he is.  He plays a multitude of instruments, and can compose for just about anything.  You should check him out.

Hey, are you one of my friends and want to be featured on my blog?  Are you up for the Busy Bitch Challenge?  Or if I don’t know you, do you think you have something that somehow jives with the stuff I’m writing?  Leave me a comment, and I’ll get back to you.