No drama, it’s just yoga

Posted on August 6, 2010


Yoga may be the cure for all busy-ness related diseases.  The busier I get, the more essential my yoga practice becomes.  Nope, I’m not getting all preachy on you, so you can relax.  For me, though, yoga (or “yogurt” as the busy broker boyfriend calls it), is the counter manoeuver I employ when I’m burning out. 

Oh, and the yoga I do, it’s not some easy, squishy, light stretching.  It’s a serious workout.  In fact, I practice at a studio that’s known to have some of the most challenging classes in Toronto (it’s called Iam Yoga, but I’ll get to that in a minute).  And we practice in the heat.  Yep, even in the summer.  The type of yoga I do is a REAL workout – for the heart, the muscles and the mind.  If you’re envisioning a bunch of granola-munching chanters in baggy clothing, then you’re a little behind the times. 

So here’s why hot flow yoga (doesn’t that sound sexy?) is the perfect busy bitch workout:

1) My ass looks really cute in yoga pants…  partially due to the fact that I work those muscles in my downward dog and plank poses and partially because Lululemon knows how to cut pants to make me look hotter than Hell.

2) Yoga is an all-over isometric workout that targets everything.  The muscles you see, the muscles you don’t.  It detoxes your organs, and makes your skin glow.

3) The yoga I do is some serious cardio.  My heart beats faster in a fast flow class than it does running on the treadmill.

4) I love to sweat.  I love it when the sweat drips off of my forehead and onto my mat.  When you can hear it and it’s rhythmic, I call it percussive sweating.  Oh, and when you do LOTS of yoga, your sweat stops stinking.  Not kidding.

5) Though I do meditate at home (“ohm”), overall I have a hard time turning my brain off, or focusing on only one intention at a time.  Well in yoga if I don’t focus on what I’m doing – particularly on using my core and controlling my breathing, then I fall over.  I don’t know if this happens to other people or only to me.  No matter!

And here’s where I dish about my studio because I love it so much.   I go to Iam Yoga.  If you’re in Toronto or you’re going to be visiting Toronto, you should go there, too.  Here’s why:

– I go to yoga to escape the craziness that is my normal world.  And Iam teachers, staff, volunteers and fellow practitioners make the Iam environment a friendly, non-competitive and fun place to be.  Joanna Peixotos, the teacher at Iam who taught the Hatha class tonight said, “no drama, it’s just yoga”.  Well said.  Iam is a drama-free zone.  Love it.  (Another Joanna-ism, “Something to keep in mind – you don’t do this pose with your face.”  I think some of us were scowling.  Hey, I told you it’s a workout.)

– The place looks like a spa.  It’s verdant.  It smells good (and you’ll smell good, too if you keep going there – see point 4 above).

– Classes are challening, interesting and dynamic.  You want the same-old, same-old?  Get yourself a DVD.   I want the real thing, baby.

– Linda Malone, the studio owner (and she also teaches there, too) who dreamt up Iam and then brought it to life, is a fellow busy bitch who I have known for years and love dearly.  And one busy bitch supports another.  That’s just how it must be.  In addition to her site, you can read more about her here (and even see a video!) and check out the Iam Yoga Facebook Page

Namaste, folks.