Toys, Balls and Coco Chanel

Posted on August 8, 2010


Time for another riveting episode of What I’m Working On!

This weekend has been quite busy (shocking, I know, given the title of my blog and my self-given moniker).  First off, I launched Phase 1 of Ohhh Canada on Friday.  This is very exciting.  Initial products have been uploaded, and I’m ready for orders!  So if you’re looking for a toy, please order it from me.  If there’s something that you want that’s not up there, then let me know.  I have sourced a LOT of great products – the ones you see are just the type of the iceberg.  Oh, and if you’re in Toronto, you’re in luck – I’ll ship to you FOR FREE.  Shipping gets added automatically to your invoice, but I’ll refund you that part.   Ah yes, and if you’re a friend of mine and you want to order something, you have my solemn promise that I will never, ever tell anyone what you ordered.  I mean, that goes for all of my customers, but especially pertinent for those of my potential customers that actually know me in person.  Your kinky secrets are safe with me – I promise.  Come on, you know you’e always wanted a rabbit.  And I’m not talking the furry pet rabbit kind.

Sex toys were not the only type of toy making a starring appearance in my weekend…  I bought my cats some toys and a little scratching tree.  The latter looks like a piece of furniture.  You REALLY need to be a cat lover to buy cat furniture.  Seriously.  And realize that this moves me even further into crazy cat lady territory.  I swear I really do have friends, a job, and a boyfriend.  Honestly.  I just happen to also have three cats.  They’re my furry little family.  ANYWAY, I amused myself on my way home from buying this thing on Friday.  Several people stopped me to talk about cat ownership or some other cat-related topic.  I like people, and I like conversation, but I was feeling silly.  So with a look of disgust and confusion, I told each and every one of them, “I don’t have a cat.  WHY would you think I have a cat?  That’s very presumptuous.”  HA!  Sometimes the world as it is is just not that funny.  So sometimes I take it upon myself to create a little humour.  I should become a stand-up comedian.  Or maybe not.

Onto one of my favourite topics – balls!  … baseballs that is.  I spent much of the weekend hanging out at a baseball diamond with the busy broker boyfriend watching him play ball and help to run a charity tournament.  It was actually a really nice break.  I turned my brain off for awhile.  This enabled me to get a lot of writing done this afternoon – I felt like I had the mental bandwidth to work on the book.  And what progress I made!  I finished a whole section.  Hurray.

I also made an attempt this weekend to actually RELAX.  I even rented a couple of DVDs, which is a move unprecedented in my past five years.  I don’t usually watch movies on my own.  I’m not normally a movie persin in general, but I wanted to do something that didn’t have anything to do with accomplishing anything.  So I watched Coco Avant Chanel.  It was lovely, but quite sad.  According to the film, she died on a Sunday in 1971 – she hated Sundays because she didn’t like to rest, and would often work all the way through the weekend.  Fascinating.  She was a pretty kewl busy bitch, don’t you think?

Anyway, time for this busy bitch to try to relax a bit and revel in my recent accomplishments so that I don’t get a case of the Busy Bitch Blues.  Hope everyone’s had a great weekend.