All A-Twitter

Posted on September 6, 2010


I love Twitter.  Admittedly, I can find it somewhat tiresome to read about what someone’s cat did today (hey, I’m not saying I don’t post tweet about the same things – no judgement – currently, if you’re wondering, Trixie is asleep on the chair under Mr. Tree), and to try to keep up with it all, but Twitter is really where it’s at.  Yes, I have a Facebook account for all of the random highschool folks that want to see if I’m still as strange as I was in highschool (I am, I’m just a whole lot sexier now), and I dabble in other social media vehicles… like uh, this blog, but Twitter is my favourite.

Here’s how I use Twitter – in my Busy Bitch style:

1)  I connect with folks that may be potentially influencial in my future for job prospects or even people I might want to hire.  I follow what they’re up to, and comment when I have something intelligent to say.  I think longterm when I think of these types of Twitter connections. 

2) I try to offer up something of value to my followers – for a long time this was marketing related, and is now moving towards entrepreneurship.  I’ll tweet links to articles I’ve found interesting, for example.

3)  I contribute to the celebrity status of my friends and followers – I RT posts to help others promote their businesses and their own personal brands.  I want my friends to do well!

4)  I indulge, regularly, in shameless self-promotion.  I advertise my blog posts (like this one!), Ohhh Canada sales and events. 

5) I help my small biz consulting clients look for potential customers to connect with through geographical searches.

6) I attend tweet-ups like Milton’s first tweet-up to meet folks in person and exchange business cards and chink glasses of wine.

7) I’m listed in Darryl Flowers’ GTA Twitter Directory (and you should be too, if you’re in the GTA!), so local folks will often start following me out of the blue which is GREAT!

So if you haven’t jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, now’s a good time.  And once you get there, please connect with me at @katrinamckay and @ohhh_canada 

Speaking of Ohhh, we still have a contest going on!  Check it out.