How to Make Love Like a Pornstar on the Subway

Posted on September 15, 2010


I loathe to start this post with the cliched “I’ve been making a lot of changes”, but alas it’s true, and I”m not sure how else to begin.  From my reading material to my diet, I’ve been tweaking things so that they… well, so that they better serve my busy bitch lifestyle.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP fascinates me.  I bought a book (okay, it’s NLP for Dummies if you must know), and I’m working through it, and it’s quite life-changing.  Not life-changing in a “just-had-an-out-of-body-experience” type of way, but it does support what I’ve always believed — that we all have a great deal of control over our own lives.  NLP is a great set of tools to use to get “un-stuck”; and I’ve been feeling quite “stuck” lately.  I will undoubtedly write more on this subject in coming posts.  I’m even considering becoming an NLP practitioner.  You know, because I’m not busy enough.  Ha!  Seriously, though, if you’re busy and ambitious like me, you may want to investigate NLP for yourself.  It’s a potential cure for many common ailments, including the busy bitch blues.

How to Make Love Like a Pornstar… on the Subway

It’s a book by Jenna Jameson.  You have to admit that it did make for a tantalizing title for this post, no?  I’m only a few pages in, but I’m really enjoying it.  It’s her autobiography.  She writes beautifully, and I’m loving it already.  With my sex-positive business I feel compelled to read material that relates to sexuality and different expressions thereof.  And this makes an excellent start (and quite a departure from the Kinsey works that I’ve read previously; Kinsey = academic & sometimes dry, Jameson = fun & exciting prose).  This book gets my first ever “Busy Bitch Recommendation”.  If I had a seal, it would be awarded a seal.  Since my design skills aren’t that great, and I’m already employing my designer friends to work on more serious projects, a seal is not in the cards right now.  But you can imagine that I have one and that I”m giving it to this book.

Oh right, and why “the subway”, right?  The book is actually called “How to Make Love Like a Pornstar“, but I am reading it on the subway.  I LOVE the reactions I get (the title is quite large and there’s a picture of Jenna on the front) from disgruntled office workers riding the train with me.  If I notice someone staring I just look up and give them a little wink or raise my eyebrows.  I silently dare them to engage me in conversation on the topic, but so far no one has been brave enough.  I’ll keep you posted.

If you’d like to purchase a copy, please BUY IT FROM ME.  Thanks!

I’m a Meat Hold-the-Potatoes Kind of Girl

I’m told it’s sexy that I love my steak.  I’m not sure quite how that works, but I’ll take it.  So…  if you’re a regular reader (my blog stats tell me that you actually exist…  thank you!), you’ll know that I don’t eat any grains (or any potatoes).  As in – no bread, pasta, corn, rice, etc.  None!  Instead I eat a lot of meat, lots of veggies and a bit of fruit.  Well, since I experienced the world’s longest weightloss plateau (5 months – boo), I decided I would start eliminating other substances (don’t excited – we’re talking foods here – wine is sacred and I will NOT give it up).  I have cut out aspartame (which from most reports is poison anyway), caffeine (luckily Starbucks has decaf) and I’ve cut WAY back on dairy – no more cheese for the timebeing, although I do use butter in my cooking.

I’ve also been experimenting with my own variations of Paleo recipes.  Some highlights include stuffed peppers (I made them for busy broker boyfriend and I), a frozen custard (adapted from a Cosmopolitan Primal Girl recipe) and last night…  wait for it…  Paleo pancakes!!!  These I made with bananas, almond butter and eggs.  That’s it.  Those are all of the ingredients.  I mushed everything together and then fried them up.  They were delicious.

Anyway, revenons a nos moutons (let’s come back to our sheep), I’ve managed to avert the dreaded plateau.  Huzzah.  Oh, AND I’ve been cooking and actually enjoying it.  Hell may be freezing over as we speak.

Busier and busier…

I have been even busier than usual lately in preparing for the Mommies Soirees where I will be debuting the Ohhh Canada business.  There are two events – one in Oakville and one in Toronto.  If you’re a yummy mommy it might be your scene.  One of my yummy mommy friends, who will become my head salesperson, is going to be assisting me at the shows (and in the future).  So much to do!

I’ve also been busy assisting with the next Milton Tweet-Up.  I’m working on the event bags (by the way if you have a biz in the west GTA and you want to contribute something to go in the bags – a sample or a promo piece, let me know) as well as some event promotion.  If you’re anywhere nearby, you should come and join us.  You can RSVP here –  If you’re new to Twitter, click here.

Lastly, I’ve been appointed to the board of the Toronto Chapter of the American Marketing Association as VP, Special Interest Groups.  If you’re a marketer or biz owner in the GTA, you might want to check out the association.  Oh, and that’s VP, Busy Bitch to you…

Wishing you a very bitchy busy remainder of the week an an even bitchier busier weekend.