My Bitchin’ New Life

Posted on November 21, 2011


All’s been quiet round this blog for sometime.  I haven’t abandoned it, I’ve just been on hiatus because there have been so many changes in my life, and I’ve barely been able to keep up. Well, I say that, but if I’m really truly honest, there isn’t much I can’t handle.  So here’s the skinny on what’s been happening with me…

1) I quit my 9-to-5.  I am no longer “employed” in the traditional sense and I am now a full-time entrepreneur.  About five months ago now, I said bye-bye to strict schedules and bosses (no matter how nice)  and hello to being honest with myself and what I want out of life.  You see, there was nothing “wrong” with my job – it paid well, I received praise and all that kind of stuff  there just wasn’t anything RIGHT about it, either.  In my heart of hearts I am an entrepreneur and an artist.  I need a flexible schedule to be at my best.  Plus I intend to be wildly rich and successful, and while the 9-to-5 road may have gotten me there eventually, I much prefer to take matters into my own hands (and so far, so good).

2) Imma be freelancin’.  So what the HECK do I do now, you may ask?  Well that’s actually not an easy question to answer.  In addition to running the biz (more on that in the next point) and some other entrepreneurial endeavours, I have some fantastic clients (most are based out of New York City, by the way… ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CITIES IN THE WORLD!   Coincidence, actually) for whom I do all sorts of marketing (event/social media/direct/anything else you can think of), content development and conference production.  On that note, if you are in need of some marketing consulting of some kind, send me a little note to  If I can’t help you, I can probably refer you to someone who can (I can’t accept every project I’m offered – I’d be too busy).   I like anything to do with marketing strategy, events and small businesses.

3) My dad calls me a gypsy.  Working remotely and not having to keep “business hours”, has many many advantages.   I can work from anywhere in the world provided I have a reliable internet connection.  This means that I don’t worry about using up “vacation time”…  I never really stop working, but I never really stop living either.  Recent trips to Las Vegas and to Cozumel have proven that it’s possible to combine work-and-play pretty seamlessly – and while away from home at that.  This has led to my father referring to me as “the gypsy” – ie no fixed address, able to move around with ease, no “real job” as he would call it.  I love it.  Gypsy, I am.

4) Sexpreneur.  This is the term I use for myself in reference to Ohhh Canada, my baby which is growing rapidly.  I love working in the sex toy/lingerie industry.  It’s incredibly rewarding, lucrative and giggle-inducing.  Because of my background in marketing, I get to do all of the promo stuff myself.  With the holiday season approaching, and followed closely by Valentines Day, I’ve been very bitchy busy lately.  And while I don’t feel the need to do as many events as I used to, I am a vendor at the all-ladies networking event Cookies & Champagne.  Oh yes, and the biz was mentioned in HUG’s Gift Guide.  Neat.

5) Incubation.  I still have plenty of other business in the incubation stage.  One relates to scuba diving (my new favourite sport – I got to PET a turtle underwater in Cozumel… amazing), one is the publication of my little collection of erotic stories and there are others to come as well.  Oh yes, and there are still plans for recording the album, although actual studio sessions don’t start until January.

So where does this leave this blog?  Easy.  I’m going to be writing a lot more on the hot topic of lifestyle design and similar to past posts, info on “how I do it”.  In short, I’m living a pretty bitchin’ life, and I want to share it.  As always, I hope, if nothing else, to be mildly entertaining.  Merci pour votre attention. 

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