I’m Kind of a Big Deal in India

Posted on August 2, 2012


I have been back from Mumbai for some time now, and I’m in the midst of a slough of interesting new ventures; mostly revenue-generating ventures, of course, but with a creative endeavour still in process as well (ie my album with the talented Andrew Lauzon of Audiogeek).  I have enough fodder for this blog to blog about ten times per day all on different subjects ranging from overcoming cultural differences when coaching others to my preference of working towards a vision versus traditional goal-setting.  And everything in between.

For now, let me bring you up to date on the basics…

Consulting in India

I had an intense time in Mumbai.  It is a city of contradictions, and it’s very difficult as a Canadian, albeit a well traveled Canadian, to feel comfortable there.  I understand and embrace culture shock, but Mumbai was something else.  This isn’t to say it’s bad… it’s intense.  That’s the only word that seems apt, so I’ll keep repeating it.  I have never been anywhere where EVERYTHING is different to where I’m from – the food, daily priorities of the people around me, transportation, politics, etiquette,  language, humour, everything.

That being said, one of the most rewarding things about my month there was working with my client’s amazing team.  It’s hard to sum up the character of a large team, but overall I found everyone I worked with to be bright, enthusiastic and above all, kindhearted.  I have never worked with a group of people who I would have described on the whole in that way.  That’s pretty remarkable, and indeed, pretty inspiring.

I have many many wonderful stories from India, but those I will share with you via my podcast once I FINALLY get the next six episodes edited (and up on iTunes as well).

In the meantime, here’s a photo of my Indian alter ego…

After visiting Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai, India

You’ll notice I’m sporting my bangles and that I have what I believe is called a tilak on my forehead which was lovingly applied by one of the women that I met at Mahalaxmi Temple (my brief but lovely encounter with them nearly made me cry, but I’ll leave that story for another day).  My nose ring isn’t an “India thing”, as I have had a nose ring since university (which was, you know, a couple of years ago or so – check out this blog post to see how I dodge the age question).  And on the subject of Indian alter egos…  in my alter egoistic state (I don’t think that’s actually a term), my name is still Katrina.  Funnily enough, my name was really easy for everyone in Mumbai as one of the top Bollywood starlets’ is named Katrina Kaif.  So you know, I got some mad kewl points for that.

Working While I’m Away

For those of you who stalk me on Facebook, you’ll know that over the past few months, India isn’t the only place I’ve been.  I also did a brief little stop in Dubai, city of ultimate luxury (in other words my kind of town) and I was also in Tulum, Mexico for a friend’s wedding.  I think one of the things that often surprises those who don’t live an alternative “no real schedule” type life is how much time I actually spend working.

When I go away, regardless of what else is going on, or what day of the week it is, I am on my laptop or my iPhone working for at least 4 hours per day – and that’s on the low side.  So while it seems crazy to some that I’m “working on vacation”, I see the world and my life very differently.  I’m never really on vacation, and I’m always on vacation.  My time is my own.  Being an entrepreneur is about embracing a lifestyle; if you enjoy the stability of a regular schedule then an entrepreneurial life may not be for you.  So on the day of someone’s wedding, you may, indeed, see me sitting at my laptop in my high heels and formal dress, cramming in a few hours of work between the ceremony and the reception.  And likewise when everyone’s hitting the beach for the afternoon, I may be sitting on my balcony doing an inventory order for Ohhh Canada.

I was also particularly busy in Mumbai.  I was running Ohhh and preparing to launch my newest biz…

This Bitch <3’s Business…and Music

My newest business is Vixen Burlesque Boutique.  I’m drawing off of what I know and have learned about marketing, sourcing and online retail to create the ultimate one-stop shop for burlesque costuming for those giving at-home performances all the way to professional touring burlesque dancers.  We’re adding inventory every day,  so if you’re in to that kind of stuff, then please go forth and check us out regularly.  Oh, and like us on Facebook while you’re at it, too, if you wouldn’t mind.

Lately I’ve also been spending LOTS of time at the studio finishing up my album.  For those of you who care to hear it… I’ll let you know when it’s done.  Andrew and I can only work so fast.

While I haven’t even really scratched the surface, this is a good start.  Stay tuned for posts about lifestyle design, how I do it, small business and all kinds of sexy stuff like that.