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How to Make Love Like a Pornstar on the Subway

September 15, 2010


I loathe to start this post with the cliched "I've been making a lot of changes", but alas it's true, and I"m not sure how else to begin. From my reading material to my diet, I've been tweaking things so that they... well, so that they better serve my busy bitch lifestyle.

Men That Rock

August 5, 2010


I'm lucky to have some great men in my life. Here's the lowdown on just three of them. Consider this my "tip of the hat", if you will. Or something like that. And why blog about them? Because to me my network is everything, and I appreciate the people who are helping me to be a success. No one is an island. Not even me.

Under the Influence

July 31, 2010


One of my influences is the book and the blog of Tim Ferriss - you know, the four hour work week guy. I know he's gotten some heat, and online folks with nothing better to do like to bag him, but I've found his stories and his way of thinking, while perhaps not earth-shattering, inspirational. I'm eccentric to say the least, and the book and blog have given me ideas for how to live a more "me" life. If you're trying to follow the book like a bible, though, then you have bigger issues.